Getting the Best of the Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies is one of the most visited tourist spots in Canada. The best time to visit here is during the shoulder season from September to October. The air can be quite chilly  and expect snowfall but on the bright side, most of the trails remain open. So if you plan on visiting the Canadian Rockies and enjoy its breathtaking scenery here are some tips that you should follow.

How to get around

Take note that public transport to the Canadian Rockies is not quite an option. Your only best choices to enjoy the iconic location are to rent a car or a camper van. You can drive the car yourself and tour around the place for one day. But if you are planning to spend a night, there are good camper van rentals in Calgary and Vancouver.

Tour from your base

If you can’t rent a car or a camper van, you can book some day tours from your base.  There are good tour agencies in Banff, Canmore, and Jasper that will take you to the wonderful outdoors. In fact, if you stay around this city the famous places are just very close that you can reach them by foot.

Camp with your group

Are you on budget travel? Well, not having enough resources for travel is not an issue in the Canadian Rockies. There are a lot of campgrounds in the area where you can build a tent and sleep for days. Just make sure you have the right gears and supplies. Most of the camping grounds are only 15 to 18 CAD per night and largely depends on the location and amenities around the campground.

Get a Discovery Pass

A Discovery Pass will give you unlimited admission to all national parks and historic places around the Canadian Rockies. If you are staying here for a couple of days and want to enjoy the whole place on a low budget, this option will help you save a lot. Using the discovery pass, you can tour more than 80 places in total. However, you should take note that even if you already have a discovery pass, you still need to pay for the regular camp fees.

Get a travel insurance

Although this is a costly investment for most people, it is always wise to have insurance coverage whenever you travel. The Canadian Rockies will have you binging for new things like solo hiking in the mountains and jungles, and jumping from one adventure to the other. Having travel insurance will get you covered in case of inevitable mishaps.