Top Hotels in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is home to the world’s most wonderful destinations such as the Giant Causeway, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Marble Arch, and Caves Global Geopark. Well, it’s no surprise why many tourists would come a long way just to see this wonderful country. If you have plans of taking a vacation in Northern Ireland, we have prepared a list of the top hotels that you can stay in the country. Here we go!

Europa Hotel  

Europa is one of the most elegant hotels in Northern Ireland with wide bedrooms, completely refurbished interior, and excellent service. The food in the Causerie bistro is also very satisfying and the pub grub in the Lobby Bar will completely satisfy you during your stay. Although quite expensive, this hotel will give you the best value for your money.

Ten Square Hotel

 Ten Square Hotel occupies an old warehouse behind the City Hall, which was built during the 19th century. Throughout the time, the hotel was refurbished and turned into a stylish vacation house for many tourists. It has 131 cool rooms that have contemporary designs and a bar.  The bar is famous for the sumptuous steak it serves every night.

The Old Inn

This hotel is not really that old but more of an eccentric accommodation. The Old Inn is best for individuals who love the fusion of vintage and elegance. It serves great food and offers a cozy accommodation for tired travelers. This hotel doesn’t have a lot of facilities like a swimming pool but it has a small library inside the hotel for guests who want to read.

Tara Lodge

We’ve always loved Tara Lodge not only because it is a lovely boutique hotel but it offers a fair price for everyone. Many tourists have chosen this hotel because it’s handy location, friendly staff, and scrumptious breakfasts. There is free Wi-Fi that you can connect to so you can keep in touch with your friends while you’re on vacation.

Lough Erne Resort

Lough Erne Resort offers a picturesque view of the lovely Fermanagh lakelands during the winter . When the snow starts to fill the area, it looks white all over like it is an ice paradise.  What we love most here are the top-notch food and incredible wine list. If you stay here you should also try Catalina, a popular restaurant that offers flawless fine dining.